UGA Football: Dawg Fans Will Like the Predicted Finish for the SEC

As usual, SEC Media Days has kicked off the college football season for the year. Fall camp will begin soon and then we kick it off Between the Hedges!

Of course Kirby Smart spoke to the media, while we also brought Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, and Roquan Smith to interview.

Something else that happens is the media in attendance puts in their picks for how each team will finish in the east and west. They also put in their picks for first, second, and third ALL-SEC teams.

There were 8 Dawgs total on these teams, while 4 were on the first team. There was one high profile Dawg left off altogether. Dawg fans will also be happy on where the media has us finishing:


Georgia (138) 1,572 points

Florida (96) 1526

Tennessee (3) 998

South Carolina (5) 897

Kentucky 869

Vanderbilt 554

Missouri 388


Alabama (225) 1683

Auburn (13) 1329

LSU (4) 1262

Arkansas (1) 796

Texas A&M 722

Mississippi State 633

Ole Miss 379


Alabama 217

Auburn 11

Georgia 6


Florida 3

South Carolina 1

Vanderbilt 1

Arkansas 1