Today we finish up our series of the Fab V the top Offensive Lineman in Georgia by mentioning some others that just missed the cut, and some special recognition of  the other High School lineman in Georgia.

Who was sixth on my list evaluated?  That was Devin Cochran 6’7” 300 Greater Atlanta Christian School.  Devin,has great size and body to pack the pounds on a tall frame, and loves his pancakes.   He scored a 7.49 on my 8 scale only a small fraction from our number 5 Luke Edler.

I chose not to fully evaluate and rank Jack DeFoor 6’5” 268 Calhoun High School,  Calhoun GA, as he is out with Shoulder Surgery.  His film was very impressive, and we hope he recovers well and competes at Dawgnight for an offer.

No evaluation for Zach Thompson, 6’4” 297 Emanuel County Institute, Twin City GA.  Just could not get enough film on him to evaluate this young lineman.  A relative of his posts on UGA Sports that UGA is very interested in Zach and an offer may be coming soon.

The most intriguing lineman reviewed was Robert Kraeling 6’8” 260 Prince Avenue Christian, Bogart GA.  When opening up Robert’s film and watching, at first the thought occurred to me he could be a very good Tackle with weight gain.  He is very fast at 4.85 40 and moves well.  Kraeling holds offers from Alabama and Tennessee.  Keep your eye on Robert if he starts packing some weight and keeps that speed, many other schools will offer and possibly UGA.

Of course Socrates loves Mean and Nasty…. and this young man is all of that….fun film to watch on a fine lineman….Forrest Evans 6’3” 275 Walton High School, Marietta GA

Also evaluated for this series, were the following lineman (all evaluated at 7.2 and above), and will likely be playing on Saturdays.  We will keep a close eye on their development:

Robbie Bell, 6’5” 285 lbs., Mill Creek High School, Hoschton GA,  Raymond Smith 6’3” 325 Macon County High School,  Tremayne Anchrum  6’4” 250, McEachern High School,  Allen Williams 6’6” 310 Appling High School, Matthew Castner 6’2” 287 Blessed Trinity Roswell GA,  D’Ante Smith 6’4”305 Grovetown GA,  Cameron Whiteman 6’3” 295 Roswell HS  Roswell GA,  Jeffery Taylor 6’3” 293 Jonesboro HighSchool, Patrick Kearns 6’5”265 Darlington High School, Raekwon Allen 6’4”320 Spencer High School, Austin Hester 6’5” 280  Shaw High School

Thank you to the High School coaches and staffs that are doing a great job with the lineman in Georgia.  Your efforts do not go unnoticed.  To our readers thank you for taking the time to read this series.


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Pancake award

Today we will end our quest with the number #1 Offensive Lineman in Georgia and the winner of the Golden Pancake Award.  The Emeriti Ben Cleveland and Aaron Dowdell have the pancakes and syrup ready to eat.  So let’s go:

EJ Price


Number 1:  EJ Price 6’6” 307 Archer High School, Lawrenceville GA

EJ gets a new start at Archer High School, after transferring from Central Gwinnett.   Should benefit Price to be at Archer where there is an atmosphere of winning throughout the program, and  judging from tweets he seems very focused.

Price as much as any other Offensive Line recruit has worked toward becoming much stronger and bigger for his Senior Season.   Last year at Dawgnight he weighed around 260 and now he has his weight up to 307 with a frame that can easily carry that weight.  We will have fun watching EJ keep growing, becoming stronger and improving his skills.

EJ Price 2


EJ’s frame is the model for a Tackle and God has blessed him with such a gift.  Tall kid with broad shoulders, flexible hips, knees and ankles, long arms and a great first step all Tackles need in Pass Pro.  He also has great agility, good quickness.

Price has an excellent punch, steps out to his right well, good use of hands and feet properly planted.  On film his blocking skills stand out as well, footwork, leverage and use of hands like almost all High School Lineman needs improving.

I was impressed with his: Punch, fluidity, quickness, how he plays in space, no bad weight on a great frame, bend, push, first step in Pass Pro, length

What he needs to work on:  Moving to his left with proper footwork, stance adjustment as he is vulnerable to an inside pass rush…..Keeping himself focused to keep improving.

Why he is number 1:  as Woody Wommack (Southeastern Recruiting Analyst for Rivals) said about Price “He (Price) won the Golden Ticket in the Genetic Lottery”.  Says it all for me.

247 Rating .9589   Rivals Rating 6.0  Soc’s Rating 7.81


Tomorrow we conclude our series by introducing you to a few that did not make the Fab V, including a recent young man offered by UGA (special recognition of several lineman).




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Today we continue our series with numbers 3 and 2 lineman.


3. Brodarious Hamm 6’5” 315 Spalding High School, Griffin GA

Brodarious was offered by UGA at 15 years old, as a Defensive Tackle by then UGA coach Rodney Garner. UGA recently reworked the offer to Offensive Tackle, after Auburn had done the same. This is setting up to be a UGA/Auburn battle.

Brodarius is a first year lineman that is just beginning to learn to play Offensive Tackle. Sure this young lineman is raw, but his size and power are so evident on film that when he does master the finer points of technique, he can become awfully good.

I was impressed with his: Punishing Power, ability to step out in Pass Pro, moves extremely well for a big man. He plays with a nasty streak (see film 1:57 mark). His upside is off the charts.

Why not higher than 3rd? Very raw football player, whose talent, size and strength are obvious, but his technique needs a major overhaul, and I view him as a Guard on the next level.

247 Rating NR Rivals Rating 5.7 Soc’s rating 7.67



2. . Chandler Tuitt 6’3”260 Sandy Creek High School, Tyrone GA

He really jumped out at me on film with how low and quick he comes off the line (great skill for one of the finest drive blockers evaluated on film this year). His length is on par with the best of this group. His game is quickness, you will watch his film and see him hit his assignments sometimes before they expect it. Great hands, footwork, flexibility and a degree of nastiness is Chandler’s game. He has a wonderful frame for adding weight as well. Just very impressed with his film, and how he explodes though his blocks.

I was impressed with his: length, frame, quickness, ability to locate assignments and complete the block.

Why not number 1?: Well he might have been number 1, but I took a few points away as he has a habit of dipping his shoulder before moving which on the next level will be read by the Defensive Tackle as a key to where he is blocking. Look closely at his film, you will notice this more than a few times.

247 Rating 94 Rivals Rating 5.6 Soc’s Rating 7.71

Tomorrow we announce our winner of the Golden Pancake Award and Friday we will wrap up the series with thoughts, and some other fine lineman that just missed the cut.


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Today we focus upon the number 5 and number 4 members of the Fab V class of lineman in the State of Georgia. Two outstanding lineman:

5. Luke Elder 6’5”270 LaGrange High School, LaGrange GA


This young lineman is very impressive on film, especially his drive blocking. Currently plays Left Tackle at LaGrange but in evaluating him, Right Tackle may be a better spot for him on the next level. We know he is very enamored with the Vols and holds offers from Georgia Tech and Missouri. Overall this is a very solid lineman

I was impressed with his: Drive Blocking, ability to pull and take out his assignment, his a fiery disposition to complete his block, high motor, second and third level guy. He appears flexible, quick and has enough speed to compete.

Why not Higher than 5th? His punch was weak in Pass Pro, footwork in Pass Pro was poor, he just looks lost on film protecting the quarterback. On the next level he needs to get much stronger with better leverage and bend.

247 Rating 89, Rivals Rating 5.6, Soc’s Rating 7.52


4. Chris Barnes II , 6’3” 274 Lee County High School, Leesburg GA


Chris is a fine lineman whose looks good on film. He possesses very good length, quicker than many lineman evaluated. I like the fact he sustains his blocks well and is a guy that plays well on the second and third levels. Like his quickness out of the snap and engages his assignment quickly.

I was impressed with his: Use of hands, leverage and bend and Chris has nice length. He was also the only lineman evaluated, that in my opinion, could play all five positions on the next level.

Why not higher than 4th?  Want to see Chris get much stronger, develop a stronger base in pass pro. 

247 Rating 88 Rivals Rating 5.5 Soc’s Rating 7.59

Tomorrow we will continue on to the number 3 and 2 as we drive block to number 1.



Note: The scoring system used by 247 sports has a maximum score of 100 (although we see players exceed that at times)……Rivals scoring system is a maximum of 6.1…….Socrates scoring system is a maximum of 8.0


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The Sixth Annual Golden Pancake Award

Pancake award

The Fab V Offensive Lineman in Georgia

One lucky lineman in this state will win the prestigious Golden Pancake Award given to the top Offensive lineman in Georgia.

This year the group of Offensive lineman to choose from astounded me, both in quality and depth. Seventeen Offensive Lineman were reviewed for this award and all seventeen may well be playing at top schools next year.

This group of High School Offensive Lineman, already have 2 of their own committed to UGA. Ben Cleveland 6’7” 325 from Toccoa GA (Stephen’s County High School) and Aaron Dowdell 6’4” 305 lbs from Creekside High School, Atlanta GA.



This is the first time in six years of giving this award that UGA actually had a commit for an offensive lineman in the next class, so a decision had to be made as to the purpose of the Fab V. We decided for now and future Fab V awards that commits will not be eligible for the award. For this reason we have bestowed upon such commits the Pancake Emeriti Scholars title by the Order of Field Street, having demonstrated uncanny brilliance in committing to the Bulldogs.

So we may introduce you to the others in the class of Georgia lineman, Ben and Aaron graciously have agreed to help me in the kitchen, and are out of consideration for the award.

Tomorrow we begin to introduce you to the other lineman of Georgia, and we will wrap this series up on Friday with honorable mention selections.

Tomorrow we get started with the 5th and 4th place selections


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