UGA Men’s Swimming – NCAA Notice of Allegations

2014-04-04 - 17:16 | JHD |

Courtesy of UGA Sports Communications

ATHENS, Ga. — The University of Georgia received on Wednesday, April 2, a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA regarding its men’s swimming and diving program.
“While I am disappointed about the Notice of Allegations, I am proud of the Athletic Department’s response to this matter,” UGA President Jere W. Morehead said. “The University of Georgia takes its compliance obligations seriously. We have cooperated fully with the NCAA throughout the investigation, and we will continue to do so in order to bring the matter to an appropriate conclusion.”
“Allegations of this nature are extremely disappointing and we will continue to fully cooperate with the NCAA staff on this matter,” J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics Greg McGarity said. “Until this matter has concluded, head swimming and diving coach Jack Bauerle will be suspended from all job-related responsibilities effective immediately.”
UGA Senior Associate Head Coach Harvey Humphries will serve as Acting Head Coach until the allegations are resolved.
In accordance with NCAA procedures, the institution has 90 days in which to respond to the allegations. The NCAA enforcement staff has 60 days in which to review the institution’s response and make a final report to the Committee on Infractions. After completion of that report, a Georgia delegation will be required to appear before the Committee.

Recruiting Update 30 For 30

2014-03-31 - 13:30 | JHD, TampaDawg |

J.H.D Weekly  Recruiting Update ..

Top 30 —

#30 Watch out for Michael Barnett.

#29 IMO we don’t take a QB this year. For 2016Logan Byrd = Dawg and go hard after (Feleipe) Franks.

#28 Isaac Nauta - I’d go FSU on top followed by UGA right now. Long way to go.

#27 D’Ante Demery will be a UGA/barn fight.

#26 I was told after a Clemson trip wears off Big Country raves about UGA.

#25 we could very easily end up with both of these 2016 OL - Ben ClevelandEJ Price

#24 Richard LeCounte and Demetris Robertsonwill be the backbone of our 2016 and 2017 classes

#23 Adonis Thomas - UF lean thanks to CTG but he is living on UGA’s campus lately.

#22 Jayson Stanley will end up at the barn or UGA IMO. If NSD were today I’d lean UGA only because the barn hasn’t really proved they can pass the ball consistently.–38126?Institution=9655

#21 Don’t know much about Arden Key. Will probably be a dogfight with the cocks if I had to guess.

#20 Don’t know much on Ty’Son Williams.

#19 Have to get  (Tavarus) McFadden on campus. Supposed to be soon.

#18 (Eric) Swinney is scared of our depth.

#17 Preston Williams - throw everything that you know as normal out the window. We do have a legit chance but IMO he sticks with the hillbillies.

#16 While the barn is trending A LITTLE with(Rashad) Roundtree, I believe mom/dad/Rashad will see that it isn’t a good fit there.

#15 Jonathan Ledbetter will most likely end up a Dawg. If I had to guess I would say this summer.

#14 Don’t get your hopes up on Chris Clark. Likely ending up at ND.

#13 Trenton Thompson and Chauncey Rivers are recruiting pretty heavily for UGA.

#12 We could easily lose out on Adonis Thomas andAustin Bryant.

#11 Minkah Fitzpatrick LOVES Jeremy Pruitt.

#10 If today is NSD we’ll get one of these - Bailey Sharp/Tyler Carr.

#9 For a while behind the scenes Felipe Franks has talked UGA and LSU.

#8 If today were NSD Kaleb Kim lands at the barn.

#7 Jordan Colbert knows he has a spot even though he hasn’t been “officially offered.”

#6 D’Andre Walker and (Montavious) Atkinsonare NOT a package deal.

#5 as long as (Alvin) Kamara keeps everything straight he will be a Dawg.

#4 Don’t believe all of the Auburn/Roquan Smithhype that the barn writers want you to believe.

#3 Cole Minshew is ours to lose and will be our next commit.

#2 Chuma Edoga - you can’t take away that he really likes UT, but it isn’t as much of a “done deal” as he makes it out to be. UGA is WAY up there for him and his mom.

And the number one Recruiting nugget for this week is …

#1 Trenton Thompson will be a Dawg, I don’t give a damn where he visits or how many times. He’s a very caring person and does things for coaches and teammates.

SuwaneeGeorgia’s Open Letter to Mark Fox

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Coach Fox,

I know the last thing you’re concerned with right now is the ramblings of an old Dawg in Suwanee, GA, but I think it’s time we got together on a few things and cleared the air.

1. I’ve been critical of your results both on the court and on the recruiting trail since you’ve been at UGA. I admit this freely.

2. This year, particularly, you have proven to me that you can field a competitive team.

3. I want to commend you on sticking to your guns and doing things your way. There is a lot of scum in the college basketball world, and I think you’re one of the good men out there. I think you’re a solid court coach as well.

4. Recruiting is still the top thing we’re missing at. I don’t know all of the answers, but I think we can do better. We have to do better if we’re going to compete with Kentucky and Florida consistently. We must maintain an above-board relationship with the AAU coaching fraternity so we can exert at least a modicum of influence on these coaches and kids. They wield a heavy hand sometimes, and they are our bridge to the very best players out there.

5. You have “learned” me a lesson this season…….it’s never over until the schedule has been played out fully. We all thought you had lost the team, for the most part, right around New Year’s Day. But the guys responded beautifully and have made your system work for them.

6. We seem to be a moderately talented but hard working team. I’ll take hard work and determination any day over lazy talent.

7. Now is the time to take it to the next level. I don’t know if Florida is that great or if we just need to be at our best when we play them. But I can see our beating Kentucky and going to the finals against Florida. I really can. If that’s the case, then we can beat them. We may not be able to hang with them in a 3 game series, but we can beat them to win the conference tourney. Just keep doing what you do, and hope the shots fall.

Thanks for sticking with the plan and making it work. I am happy (on this one) to have been proven wrong.


Mike_Brooks: Recap of our Podcast interview with Mike Horton

2014-03-14 - 02:48 | Mike Brooks |

Big Mike

We talked with Mike Horton last night on Field Street Forum Radio and learned what a great young man he is, after an awesome interview. As we all know, Field Street Forum’s own Socrates is one of the best evaluator’s of offensive linemen in the game. He weighs in on “Big Mike” as we talk with the 6-4 (and three quarters) 320 pound offensive tackle, out of Lakeside High in Atlanta. The former basketball star, is fairly new to the game, but is becoming one of the best in the state after he started playing in the seventh grade. He was swayed by his middle school coach to play the game of football, and as we learn, it was one of the best decision’s of his life. Listen to our Podcast as Field Street Forum to hear the full discussion with this bright young man.

Mike fairly underrated as an offensive lineman, but he has started to rack up some really good offers from schools all over the country. Florida has been recruiting him very hard and he tells us that he talks to Florida’s coaching staff almost daily. We will try and avoid that subject. He plans on visiting Auburn and Georgia soon, but the Bulldog’s have invited him to come talk with them in person. We can pretty much bet an offer is pending after he meets with coach Friend. The four star offensive tackle has plenty of SEC offer’s, including Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky. He also holds quite a few of impressive out of conference offers, including Nebraska, Miami, Boston College, Duke, and Penn State. We all know how deep this offensive line class is in the state of Georgia and Mike is one of the best. He is still a little raw, but displays excellent power and is much quicker than people truly know.

We asked him about what his strengths and weaknesses were, and he tells us that his footwork is one of his biggest assets. He still plays basketball and throws shot-put, on his track and field team. The multi-sport “big man” is extremely versatile and tells us that he has never had the same coach twice in high school. People may look at this as a negative thing, but he believes it makes him better. He’s had the opportunity to learn from many different coaches, so it gives him the advantage of knowing different perspectives coaches will want to teach their linemen. When he gets to college, he can play for any coach, because he knows what type of skills different schools will want in an offensive tackle.

One of the unique things we do on Field Street Forum Radio is ask the kids what they like to do off the field too. Mike is your typical teenager, he talks about liking to hang out with his friends watching movies, loves his mother, and even tells us his favorite basketball picks for the NCAA Tournament coming up. He is a very bright young man that wanted to major in Pharmacy, but has since decided that it may not be for him. He is not sure what he will major in yet, but he has talked about being an early enrollee. He knows that this will give him an advantage on the college level, but is not sure if that is an option at this point.

During his career at Lakeside, Mike has played both sides of the ball. He loves playing defense and believes he could be a great player on the defensive side of the ball too. He tells us that the only school that is actively recruiting him as a defensive lineman is Vanderbilt. He thinks that playing defense will play a factor in his decision, but we learn that having his mom at his game’s is the most important factor. We asked about his timetable for his commitment and he wants to wait until sometime after his senior year. He is very open to the recruiting process at the moment and did not dismiss the thought of playing for Georgia. He wants an offer from the Dawgs and he is very high on getting that offer.

Mike is a great kid and I’m sure he will start to turn some heads in his senior year. As the offers start to role in, watch for him to rise up the rankings and become one of the state’s best. Thanks to Mike for taking the time to talk with us and sharing his story with DawgNation on Field Street Forum Radio.

Follow Mike on Twitter : @big_mike247

UGA Spring Football Schedule

2014-03-13 - 16:16 | JHD |



Tuesday, March 18
4:25 p.m. – Full team practice
6:24 – Practice Ends
Post Practice Availability: Richt

Thursday, March 20
4:25 p.m. – Full team practice
6:30 p.m. – Practice ends
Post Practice Availability: Defensive players except redshirt freshmen

Saturday, March 22
TBD – Full team practice
Post Practice Availability: Richt, Offensive players except early enrollees & redshirt freshmen

Tuesday, March 25
4:25 p.m. – Full team practice
6:36 p.m. – Practice ends
Post-Practice Availability: Richt

Thursday, March 27 (Coaching Clinic)
4:25 p.m. – Full team practice
6:38 p.m. – Practice ends
Post-Practice Availability: Defensive players except redshirt freshmen


Friday, March 28 (Coaching Clinic)
4:25 p.m. – Full Team Practice
6:04 p.m. – Practice ends
Post-Practice Availability: Offensive players except early enrollees and redshirt freshmen

Saturday, March 29
TBD – Full Team Practice
Post-Practice Availability: Richt, selected players

Tuesday, April 1
TBD – Full Team Practice
Post-Practice Availability: Assistant Coaches

Thursday, April 3
TBD – Full Team Practice
Post-Practice Availability: Defensive players

Saturday, April 5
TBD – Full Team Practice
Post-Practice Availability: Richt, selected players


Tuesday, April 8
TBD – Full Team Practice
Post-Practice Availability: Richt, offensive players except early enrollees

Thursday, April 10
TBD – Full Team Practice
Post-Practice Availability: Defensive players

Saturday, April 12
G-Day Spring Game – 1 p.m.
Post-game availability: Richt, players

Tuesday, April 15
TBD – Full Team Practice
Post-Practice Availability: Assistant coaches

Thursday, April 17
TBD – Full team practice
Post-Practice Availability: Richt

April 16 – Pro Day
March 27 and 28 – High school coaching clinic